Candidate Free Time

Once again the Cook County League has partnered with WTTW Channel 11 to create “Candidate Free Time,” a video voters’ guide to the March 20 primary election.

“Candidate Free Time” invites office-seekers to make their cases to voters in their own words. The guide includes candidates for every Cook County office in contention, including:
Board President
Board Commissioners
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioners
You can find “Candidate Free Time” on the Cook County League website and on the WTTW website. Please share this resource far and wide.

During the last election cycle, thousands of prospective voters turned to “Candidate Free Time” for insight. With so many competitors for County office in 2018, we believe this resource will be more useful than ever.

Please help us help Cook County’s voters by sharing this link with all of your networks. Thanks!

There are no candidates on the ballot for one seat on the Water Reclamation District Board, the seat held by the late Commissioner Bradford. There are a number of “approved” write-in candidates, but that list is not yet final; so check the County League Website and that of the Cook County Clerk for updates before you vote.